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Research Consulting

When an organization faces any issue requiring research, it's often difficult to pinpoint the exact methodology that is most appropriate. We will consult with you on the front end of a project to determine the most effective way to achieve your strategic goals—be it a qualitative focus group, a quantitative web survey or any other methodology.

Telephone Surveys

As it gets more and more difficult to reach respondents via telephone, it's important that you use a research firm that understands the latest techniques to enhance participation. We have over 40 years of experience in telephone research and can insure the proper mix of cell-phone and land-line sampling that will get you the most representative results.

Web Surveys

We provide clients with complete web survey services—from design and programming of key web elements (questionnaire and sample) to data maintenance, data processing and analysis of the results. Whether the survey is with a specialized sample (requiring email lists) or a panel, we will fully meet your web survey needs.

Focus Groups

We offer full traditional focus group services—facility rental, recruitment and compensation of participants (usually 8-10), design of discussion guides, moderation of groups, audio and video taping of sessions and full analysis of results. We also offer virtual, on-line focus group services.

Depth Interviews

One-on-one depth interviews can provide valuable granular data on difficult issues—in both the public policy and commercial spheres. By deeply probing respondent sentiment in this format, sub-surface elements of attitude-formation can be revealed—that can have real-world applications in solving tough issues.



These 'depth interview' groups involve three participants— offering advantages of both larger group discussions and one-on-one interviews. Triads can be configured to set up a sense of "conflict", where members are assigned to advocate for a particular view on an issue. This type of dynamic group process can lead to unexpected insights into difficult public policy and other issues.

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