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Ernest Paicopolos, Founder & CEO

Polity Research Consulting LLC was founded by Ernest Paicopolos, a research professional with over 45 years of experience in public opinion research, market research and public affairs consulting.

Mr. Paicopolos began his career with Cambridge Survey Research, working on the 1980 re-election campaign of President Jimmy Carter. He then became a Vice-President of CSR's companion organization, Cambridge Reports, Inc. In 1987, along with survey research pioneer John Gorman, he founded Opinion Dynamics Corporation. As a Principal of ODC for over three decades, he was involved in public policy research in the fields of energy, healthcare, the food industry and financial services.


Over his career, he has provided research to scores of clients in a wide range of businesses, trade associations, government agencies, political campaigns, non-profits and non-governmental organizations. He has also managed opinion research for several successful ballot measures across the country, and has supervised political polling for a number of television stations and newspapers. Mr. Paicopolos has appeared on national television broadcasts as an expert political analyst—including multiple appearances on the Fox News Channel. He has expertise in every aspect of public opinion and market research—from qualitative focus groups to quantitative multinational web surveys. He was a co-author of "Assessment of the 2016 Massachusetts Citizens' Initiative Review Pilot On Question 4".


Mr. Paicopolos received his undergraduate degree in political science from Northeastern University in Boston. He did his graduate work in political science at the master's level at Northeastern (under an NU Graduate Fellowship) and at the doctoral level at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst.

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