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'Strategic Vision Leading To Real Solutions'

Polity Research Consulting LLC provides clients with actionable data that informs critical decisions in business, public affairs and politics. We provide analysis that goes beyond surface percentages and identifies the underlying patterns of attitude-formation. This can help you understand how popular opinion affects decisions in the real world. Our reports do not collect dust on corporate bookshelves, they are blueprints for action and strategic road-maps for daily decision-making. Good research needs to be mindful of four core elements: audience, message, spokesperson, and media.


Key audiences need to be identified and segmented, each audience needs to be paired with appropriate messages, and each message needs to be vocalized by the best spokespeople. Then, all of this needs to be conveyed using the most effective media. Only when a research plan is conceived with this type of strategic vision can the fruits of that research lead to real solutions.

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Polity Research Consulting LLC is committed to this research paradigm. It's in our DNA. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed by research, we can help you find the answers that will make your organization more successful.

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare

  • Energy                           

  • Politics                   

  • Financial Services

  • Media

• Food & Beverage

• Trade & Member Associations

• Local Government

• Non-Profit Organizations

• Public Policy Think Tanks

News & Publications                                                                                                  Memberships

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